What is your printer doing with plastic, paper and ink chemicals pollution?

Whether this is at home or at work, we can encourage those around us to do just the same to help create a sustainable future and a cleaner planet. Whilst most of us are familiar with recycling paper, glass, and plastic, how many of us ask the printing company what they do with these products and the ink chemicals. Are you aware that a lot more can be done, at Budget Printing Group we use suppliers that reflect our process on recycling, one of these providers is Cartridge World Unley store who have been championing the recycling cause for more than 20 years and working to keep printer cartridges out of landfill. 

Every minute, 34 printer cartridges are sent to landfill sites around Australia, which adds up to approximately 18 million per year. By choosing to use a printer like Budget Printing Group you are helping to reduce air and water pollution associated with landfill and incineration. You will also be conserving natural resources used to create recycled  products which in turn can help save the energy used to manufacture new products, thus reducing our carbon footprint.


Rather than creating millions of tonnes of non-biodegradable waste sitting idle in landfill for 400-1000 years, components of wastage in a printing company can be re-purposed into new products so there really is no excuse for wasting such a valuable resource. The benefits are not solely environmental either, buying remanufactured or recycled paper and packaging can bring significant cost savings to you as an individual or as a business.

 There is no doubt that as businesses and individuals we need to take responsibility for the impact we have upon the environment. With programs in place to promote the recycling of consumables, supported by the key industry players making it easy, there is no better time than now to use Budget Printing Group for your printing requirements.