Case study from the Budget Printing Files 2020

An Adelaide property management company was looking to promote their services to the wider community, and was currently only using paid advertising through Facebook, with little results.

We sat down with the client and met with a number of the staff – including people working in a sales role, and others in administration.

At Budget Printing we find by interacting with the staff you gain a better understanding of their processes, and how printed products are dealt with by the business – as part of their communication by phone, email, social media, and through face to face interaction with established and potential clients.

We found that admin staff had no point of sale tools other then folders and a profile leaflet on the business – to give or send to clients, yet in many cases are the first point of contact.

We looked at their current advertising and business forms including the A4 folders they use. From there our design and sales team came up with a number of alternatives for their consideration that they could use in print, to better communicate what they do, how they do it, and why deal with them.

The option they went for was an excellent choice: we designed a small presentation folder with inside flaps printed in colour, inside and out. The size when folded was DL (only 210 x 100mm) which meant they were easy to carry, plus the folder also contained 7 leaflets staggered in height.

These leaflets outlined the property management services along with an overview of the business history, plus each property manager had their own profile – creating a great marketing tool.

The initial print went out to all their existing clients, from which they obtained additional work – just because their clients were unaware that they provided a particular services.
The second print run is being used to attract new business.

From a total print run of 6,000 they have – in a short time, already covered the cost of the print run just from existing clients. On top of that they’ve already gained 22 new clients and growing, with each client generating income not just from property management but add-on value to their other services being offered.

Why does print work so well?

74% of all people remember what they see in hard copy print. In most cases for print to work, you only need 3% of the people you distribute to, taking up your services on offer.