Business Card Design

When it comes to printing requirements, nothing is more important than a well designed business card. It’s easy to design your own card, but designing the perfect card is best done by a printing company that has creative designers.

It is vital to make the first impression count, so at Budget Printing Group we know how to design the card that will communicate your business message instantly to your customers – regardless of the industry you’re in.

Is your business card working for you? Your business card should be a primary marketing tool for you, to communicate who you are and what you do.

If you don’t have the right card to hand out then you are potentially missing out on business, and the chance to leave a lasting impression.

Business Card Design

Social media and texting your details is great, but it’s ideal to ensure your potential clients understand the full details of your name, business name, industry, and what you specialise in.
Make it easy for people to understand your proposition, by giving them your well designed business card!

Business cards have many uses including as an appointment card, membership card, or a simple loyalty card.

Be noticed with a great looking card, even online companies use printed business cards.

We’ll choose your ink colours carefully and making sure they’re consistent with your branding: matching your existing printing and any signage.

We also have various paper stocks (thickness/finishes) to choose from, which enables the quality and feel of your card to help with how you’re remembered. Available finishes include a velvet matt varnish, to add a touch of class to any card.

Budget Printing Group will ensure your cards:

  • Reflect your business style and industry
  • Encourage people to contact you about your products or services
  • Incorporate engaging design
  • Can be written on when passing on referrals
  • Use readable clear fonts of an appropriate style
  • Are attractive, to encourage you to give them out to clients and prospects

Don’t leave it to chance for people to find you – instead use well designed business cards as your cost-effective marketing tool,  to help connect you with others.